Tomātu sēta owns a small vegetable farm in Lauciene, Talsi District, North Courland Region, Latvia. The main parts of the farm are used for cultivating vegetables and berries with a main focus on strawberries and tomatoes in the early spring.
Tomato cultivation began as their hobby, which in 20 years, gradually transformed into serious work.There are now around 700 varieties tested in their tomato collection. Every year the number increases, mostly with old family relics from around the world.


For more than 20 years I have been growing tomatoes on my land in Lauciene, Talsi region, in Latvia, leaving only high-yielding tomatoes in my collection that I like.  I grow my tomatoes without the use of chemicals, and only use Natural stimulants of plant growth and protection. My priority is biological growth of plants. The collection contains heirlooms from the USA and European countries, old Soviet varieties of tomatoes, as well as tomatoes from other famous world breeders. For the last 2 years I have been actively collecting old family varieties of tomatoes - they have a unique taste, aroma, yield and resistance to adverse conditions. These varieties will be presented later. There is a tomato for every taste in my collection. Please feel free to browse in my catalogue and I hope you find something for your taste. Thank you for your support.


In addition to tomatoes and peppers, the farm also grows strawberries, the berries of which can be purchased locally on the farm. In the spring, seedlings of flowers, tomatoes and peppers in pots are grown, which can also be purchased from our place.


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